GARRETTART - Ken and Muriel Garrett, work out of their studio in Beach Haven where they each produce works in many and diverse forms.   Currently travelling through Europe gathering ideas  and inspiration for their 2018 pieces.

Ken ranges through abstract and impressionism on subjects that relate mainly to architecture, structures, built environment, landscape and seascape with an occasional piece of realism in vibrant colour.

Muriel  prefers to capture mood in a series of atmospheric works which centre on the landscape in styles hovering between realism and impressionism conveying a sense of tranquillity in landscape with an occasional work designed to capture the power and violence of the sea.

These paintings represent the personal view of the world by two separate artists operating out of the same workshop. Their differing styles are as interesting as their influences. We hope you will derive as much pleasure in viewing the works as the painters had in producing them


BeneathThe Eiffel
BeneathThe Eiffel

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